WILDER MAKER / Everyday Crimes Against Objects of Desire, Vol 1.

Nov 18, 2014

Photo by  Shervin Lainez , L to R, Katie Von Schleicher, Nick Jost, Gabriel Birnbaum, Will Graefe, Sean Mullins

Photo by Shervin Lainez, L to R, Katie Von Schleicher, Nick Jost, Gabriel Birnbaum, Will Graefe, Sean Mullins


All songs FCC friendly. 

Tracks 1 & 2, "Hope Springs" and "Zion" recommended for airplay. 


Full EP as zip file (320k MP3)

Full EP as zip file (WAV)

First Single (Hope Springs) only (320k MP3)

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Selected Press

"Deeply cathartic[...]equally weathered and self-assured." - Dusty Henry - Consequence of Sound

A piece of roaming beauty, placing the alluring enticement of “Hope Springs” in the beginning, the half-eyed bleary sleepiness of “White Knucked On the Wheel”, the evocative, gorgeous, funereal closer, “Love = War”; built around the richness of the centerpiece song, “Zion." - Sjimon Gompers – IMPOSE

This is lovely music, finely detailed and plush, easy to warm up to, but then the delight of sharp nettles beneath keeps you picking away at it. - Jayson Greene - Wondering Sound

Underneath the polished sheen of the track’s production lies a thoroughly original and twisted approach to songwriting that sets Wilder Maker apart. There is pop magic for sure[...]but there are moments of quirkiness that jolt the listener as well: bars with odd time signatures, brief dissonant chord changes, vocal harmonies soaked in dub-reggae inspired echo. Wilder Maker is clearly committed to challenging the increasingly inflexible alt-country idiom." - Aputumpu

Album Bio

Wilder Maker is the songwriting project of Gabriel Birnbaum (b. 1986, Boston, MA) a multi-instrumentalist and composer living in Brooklyn, NY. He has performed on stage and on record with artists such as Sharon Van Etten, Jens Lekman, Sixto Rodriguez, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, DeVotchKa, Landlady, Akron/Family and SKATERS and his projects have shared stages with The Arcade Fire, Deerhoof, Gogol Bordello, Dr. John, Phosphorescent, and Dan Deacon. He has performed at Lincoln Center, the Bonnaroo Music Festival, the Kennedy Center, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Birnbaum is also a full time member of the Ethiopian pop ensemble Debo Band, whose Sub Pop debut was one of NPR's 50 best albums of 2012. He was an ISLAND Hill House Artist-In-Residence in 2014.

Everyday Crimes Against Objects of Desire, the follow up to last year's tremendous Year of Endless Light, is a series of three EPs, each recorded in a different studio with different parameters, but each dealing with the same subject matter. Think of it as a musical Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

The blackbird here is, of course, a rough breakup. It's a perfect subject for an artist obsessed with unresolvable contradictions and ambiguities: full of good people behaving cruelly, lasting romantic love as the highest cultural goal and yet something that inevitably shifts with terrifying frequency, the way even the most loving relationships play out savage power dynamics under the surface, the way they create a closed universe impenetrable to anyone outside yet familiar to all. The way the blissful and agonizing elements are not at odds with one another but in fact elements of the same thing. There's a reason there are so many breakup records. 

"Hope Springs" kicks us off with the softest side of things, a lush AM pop jam featuring a sample of a love song from Year of Endless Light: the word "die," repeating endlessly under the lilting chorus. The song is perfect on repeat, driving on a fall day, the light filtering down through leaves. It's about a kind of love that is part of but lasts beyond romantic love. "Zion" is one of the most challenging and unique pieces the band has written yet, with a hypnotic, circular guitar pattern, intertwining lead vocals that suddenly unify and diverge again, all driven forward by Sean Mullins' phenomenal drumming. "White Knuckled on the Wheel" is almost painfully spare. You can practically feel the breath from Birnbaum and Von Schleicher's vocals, which float above two electric guitars and nothing else, alone at the intersection of lust and loneliness. "Love = War" rounds out the set with some loose limbed, live in the studio rock and roll, featuring phenomenal and unpredictable lead guitar by Will Graefe. Listen for the quietly unnerving sound of the tape being raised and lowered manually during the third verse and the outtro.

The entire EP was recorded live to tape at the marvelous Soul Shop in Medford, Massachusetts, by Elio DeLuca

The band also features Will Graefe (Star Rover) on lead guitar, Katie Von Schleicher on keyboards/vocals/percussion, Sean Mullins on drums (no, not that Shawn Mullins), and Nick Jost (Baroness) and Wayne Whittaker on the bass.

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Single Artwork

Artwork by  David Foarde

Artwork by David Foarde

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Selected Press for Year of Endless Light (Septempber, 2013)

A remarkable album, richly conceived and remarkably, wildly played…a river of American sounds…bizarre and original. – Jayson Greene – eMusic Best of 2013 

Wilder Maker’s sprawling second album, Year of Endless Light, concentrates at those drop-everything arresting moments, the type of holy fuck jolts that spur a compulsion to rewind/replay: listen listen listen and maybe if you listen just one more time you’ll finally get your head around some hidden secret. – Nathan Huffstutter, The Fiddleback 

Recommended highly for fans of heavy folk/country/rock like Bonnie Prince Billy, Richard Buckner and Neil Young, this album is just about overwhelming in its scope and breathtaking in its execution. - When You Motor Away 

An incredible breadth of vision that defies musical genres.  - Folk Radio UK

What might sound like a normal folk-influenced rock record to begin with gradually reveals itself to be a multi-layered tour de force, drawing on elements from widespread and disparate genres. - No Ripcord