Hello beautiful people, we are coming your way. As part of a string of fun things happening over the next month we will be back out there in our trusty van Whitey Ford playing the music for you, playing a couple of festivals as well as some good ol rock shows. Dates are below. 

I was just in LA with Debo Band (my other band) and I stayed for a few extra days at the end of the trip in order to avoid the pit of human misery that is NYC in February. I drove the Pacific Coast highway in 70 degree weather blasting Julia Holter's Have You in My Wilderness with the windows down and the sun pouring in and the person I love in the passengers seat and the blue water glowing in an unreal kind of way. It was an incredibly beautiful experience, and it reminded me what music can do. I'd always liked that record but had never really heard it in the way I did then. It sounded exactly like what I was seeing, the LA Light and the coastal landscape.

It was just the kind of euphoric moment I started chasing when I started making music in the first place. Hope to bring some of those to me and you both in March.