God Bless The Hunger

Most of you probably know this, but in 2011 we put this record out under a different name. It features some of the folks involved in WM today, and some who have moved on or were just passing through. It was the first time I'd ever recorded with Elio, or sung with Katie, two things that have come to define a lot of what WM does as a band. The seeds of it are all here. 

I still remember, we had about 4 hours to track the (unnecessarily complicated) horn charts I'd written for 9 of the songs. We raced madly through the whole thing, and when we'd somehow made it (even though the part on Of Cowboys had wound up taking out like half of that time) and everyone had walked out the door of the shop, Elio just handed me a flask of whiskey. 

Then at some point I did an interpretive dance in the live room to guide David Bentley's cello part on GBTH the song. 

Anyway, I just put it all back up on soundcloud today. Stream away! It's quite likely new to you. 

or buy it here!