Welcome 2016

We have big plans for this year. But first, a smaller plan: a show. 

ONE. On January 14th, we're hitting the wonderful Union Pool with our pals Pavo Pavo and Buck Meek (featuring his new live band, which is full of superstars). 


TWO. I'd also like to take a minute to point out a kind little notice for EC 2 & 3 from our friend, the great songwriter Will Stratton: 

Gabe Birnbaum and his band redefine Americana as a genre, making it more expressive and subtle in the process. Volume 2 is as neat and tidy as Volume 3 is refracted and broken, reminding me of the transition Big Star made from #1 Record and Radio City into Third.

Anytime anyone says Big Star and Wilder Maker in the same breath, I'm a happy man. Read Will's full best of 2015 list here, and buy his albums here.

THREE. As for those big plans, well, what is it they say? Man plans and god laughs? Let's just say that within the calendar year or so, there will be an awful lot of new Wilder Maker recorded, and hopefully you'll have access to it.