Awake in Zion

Happy Monday. Here's "Zion" from our record that came out last week. It's one of my favorite songs I've written, touching on Americana but not drowning in it, built on hypnotic 5 bar guitar phrase and a series of shifting melodies above it. Both more rhythmic and more static than most things I've done. The lyrics were banged out on a typewriter (along with a lot of other junk) during a long dark night of the soul, in Williamsburg (naturally). 

The drum part was entirely written by Sean during a very long tour where we workshopped the tune whenever we could, and then a lot of the little nuances of arrangement were put together by the full band, in such a collaborative spirit that I don't really have any idea who they came from. That fact reminds me that we are a band and not just me, or at least that we are some place between being a band and being me. People still do come and go, though they haven't for awhile and I'm grateful for that. You know you can trust the people who play with you in basements for kudos from amped up college kids with no money and sleep on couches too short for their legs and drive for you when you're too hungover.

There's a moment in Zion (4:56 if you're keeping score) during which we all intentionally skip the downbeat (a J Dilla trick), and I remember playing it live at Cake Shop, the first time in NYC since we'd added that touch, and hearing the audience go "wooo!" and thinking "hey, that's never happened before. How do I make that happen more?" I'm sure there'll be phases, but right now I'm so grateful to have the people I do (Katie Nick and Sean in particular, who do the bulk of the traveling) and not be out there alone all the time. 

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