#airbnb show//2018 is fun

Hi. We have a show tomorrow at Caveat on Clinton St in the LES. It is presented via AIRBNB and you can buy tickets here and only here.

Jost, external and internal view

Jost, external and internal view

We also have a TON of news that we will be sharing with you soon, including details on a new LP, a new label, and some festivals and touring. Can't quiiiiite get into it yet but I can't wait to. 

in the meantime, have you bought our New Streets 7" yet? Why not do it now? Either that or get on Spotify and stream that shit 1500 times (equivalent to one album sale according to the RIAA) 

Residency at Threes Brewing

Very excited to announce that we'll be taking up residence at Threes Brewing on the first four thursdays in the month of September. We've got some amazing musicians, comedians, and dancers lined up so let's get to it: 

EACH WEEK: at 7:30 PM, "In Limbo," a 30 min piece by GB for 4 cassettes

SEPTEMBER 1: MUSIC + DANCE: Alex Morris, Zachary Cale, Ellen Askonas/Trees Take Ease, Wilder Maker

SEPTEMBER 8: MUSIC + COMEDY: Matt Strickland, Brett Davis, Lorelai RamirezLane MooreStar Rover, Wilder Maker

SEPTEMBER 15: MUSIC + COMEDY Josh Gondelman, Aparna Nancherla, Phoebe Robinson, Sue Smith, Matt Strickland, Drama Section, Wilder Maker

SEPTEMBER 22: MUSIC + DANCE Relatives, Wilder Maker, The Lovelies

see u there, darlings

post-tour hello

Thank you all for coming out and making that solo tour a really amazing and welcoming experience, eating some of the best brussels sprouts I've ever had at Company Brewing in MKE or getting told that I don't play the saxophone like an asshole, even though I COULD (s/o to Columbus, OH). 

We're going to be laying a little low as we finish up this next record, but I'll be making sure you hear it as soon as humanly possible!


Lemons --------------------------> Lemonade

Come see me play solo WM and other songs at the following spots:

and then the full band finale:

The bills are great, the bands are great, and the times will be heady. Would love to see you out there. 


<3 GB