Photo by Annie Del Hierro, (L-R) Nick Jost, Sean Mullins, Gabriel Birnbaum

Urban pastorals unfold in the music of Gabriel Birnbaum, the multi-instrumentalist, singer and writer behind the songs of Brooklyn’s Wilder Maker. Wilder Maker’s songs keenly observe landscapes of desire and abandon, filled with colorful characters and street revelations, in a musical setting as boldly diverse as their NYC home base.

Birnbaum’s songs find expression through longtime collaborators Katie Von Schleicher, who releases her own mesmerizing solo work, on keyboards and vocals; Sean Mullins (Kevin Garrett) on drums; and Nick Jost (Baroness) on bass. Von Schleicher’s singing balances and supports Birnbaum’s writing and vocals, a counterpoint fully explored on “New Streets”/“Only Child,” Wilder Maker’s contribution to Saddle Creek’s Document series of singles that introduce new work from innovative bands around the country. It marks Wilder Maker’s first release since 2015’s EP trilogy, Everyday Crimes Against Objects of Desire.

“New Streets,” a restless stroll through an ecstatic day, driven by guitars, saxophones, and Von Schleicher's vocals, was recorded at Figure 8 Recording by Sam Owens, who records for Saddle Creek as Sam Evian, and features lead guitar from Adam Brisbin (Sam Evian, Jolie Holland). “Only Child,” Birnbaum’s poetic evocation of childhood echoes and ghosts, insinuates itself with familiar-feeling guitars until minor-key shivers reveal the song’s aching heart. “Only Child” was recorded by Bryan Pugh at Rubber Tracks Brooklyn, and features the guitar work of another longtime associate, Will Graefe (Okkervil River, Star Rover). 

Selected Press for Zion

“Wilder Maker…offer razor-sharp webs of guitar and a rhythm section that leans back and rushes ahead with refreshing narrative sensitivity. And their hooks are mighty.” - Grayson Currin, Pitchfork

“Wilder Maker makes down home Americana music for the city streets and walk-ups that frame them. Wry lyrics[…]that are buoyed by CCR grit and lurch, with enough no-wave sax/Television guitar touches to make sure the band’ll get beat up when it gets past Cleveland.” - Zachary Lipez, Noisey

“...a buoyant, frantic, sweaty, joyous energy, so palpable it’ll sustain you for days.” – GoldFlakePaint

“Did your ‘HIGH QUALITY AMERICAN ROCK BAND’ google alert just go off?” – Tiny Mix Tapes

“Like the cool breeze that cuts the oppressive feeling of an August afternoon in New York City” – Loren DiBlasi, Paste

"Drunk Driver's haunting melody provides a vehicle for lyrics that carefully build a world wrought in meticulous detail. It's no wonder the band describe their songwriting process as akin to mapping.” – Pip Williams, The Line of Best Fit

“The Wilder Maker crew seem to be distinguishing themselves in the Brooklyn indie-rock landscape by embracing their natural penchant for deceptive complexity.” – Winston Cook-Wilson, SPIN

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One of the underrated New York indie rock gems of this year so far. - Winston Cook Wilson - SPIN

“New Streets” weaves in rich textures with its strong saxophone and guitar parts and longtime collaborator Katie Von Schleicher’s soaring vocals. The grand feeling, bigger band, and vocal delivery are all reminiscent of indie pop collectives like San Fermin. - Kim Ilkowski - Stereogum

"I am not hesitant to call this one of my favorite new songs" - Geena Kloeppel -  The Deli Mag

"One of those wind-in-your-face driving jams quintessential to the summer soundtrack" - Dante Allington - All Around Sound

"An even clearer statement on the Wilder Maker ethos." - Various Small Flames

Selected Press for Everyday Crimes Against Objects Of Desire, Vol III.

Perfect DIY Indie{...}You need to listen to Wilder Maker. And not just because Ryan Adams openly professes his love for the band on their social media. Wilder Maker is the fuzzy sound you need to keep you warm when you’re caught out cold in a Monday rain, mulling over picayune infidelities of the day. - Gauraa Shekhar - The Wild Honey Pie

Across three EPs, the band has explored recesses and vistas of the folk-rock continuum both near and far, whether conjuring bleary-eyed, distortion-tinged jangle or drifting through a noisy haze as though lost in a reefer dream. Surrounded by an excellent cast of players and supported by the bewitching singer Katie Von Schleicher, Wilder Maker recalls bands like San Fermin and Broken Social Scene, acts that have used big ensembles to turn the wild thoughts of an isolated writer or two into wonderful records. The forthcoming third installation in a series of EPs, titled Everyday Crimes Against Objects of Desire, is winsome, quixotic and terrific. -Grayson Haver Currin - Indy Week

By the time “EZ River” ends, you’re already so submerged within Wilder Maker’s laid-back world, that your troubles just seem to float away. An impressive feat for a few minutes of music. - Marty Santini Garner - FLOOD Magazine

A comforting embrace{...}lush harmonies and understated guitar playing. - Dusty Henry - Consequence of Sound

Birnbaum did the only thing a capital-A Artist can, dig in and make more. The Everyday Crimes Against Objects of Desire trilogy rose from this situation like an idiosyncratic phoenix, reacting to the indifference of a too-busy, painted-by-numbers-favouring world by celebrating experiment and creativity. - Jon Doyle - Wake the Deaf

Selected Press for Everyday Crimes Against Objects Of Desire, Vol II.

There’s a cohesiveness to Birnbaum’s surgical songwriting, a sort of cowboy pop that’s got one eye wandering toward outlaw territory and one fixed on catchy melodies[...]Everyday Crimes Against Objects of Desire, Vol II. sounds like the first sure strides past hesitation’s boundaries. - Caitlin White - Stereogum

Gabriel Birnbaum’s resonant, booming voice proves itself to be in a class of its own, but this EP is the sound of a great singer-songwriter finding his ideal band. They blast through apocalyptic jams with aplomb and in taking over lead vocals in a number of tracks, Katie Von Schielder provides a beautiful counterpoint to Birnbaum. The EPs are both of culmination of everything Birnbaum has aimed for, but also the start something really special. - David Dekeyser - CMJ

With lyrics seeping in heartbreak and bitterness and a chorus that rises up to the heavens, it’s the kind of classic sound that instantly makes you weak in the knees - The Wild Honey Pie

No amount of positive praise can really capture the magic that is present in this song and the others on the album. The only thing left to do now is just press play (right now, do it). - Wordkrapht

You’ll want to sing along to it again and again. - Folk Radio UK

Selected Press for Everyday Crimes Against Objects Of Desire, Vol I.

8.3...A fulmination of raw talent and professional struggle expressed in swerving jags of jazz-blazed, high-rise folk - Nathan Huffstutter, Paste Magazine

A piece of roaming beauty, placing the alluring enticement of “Hope Springs” in the beginning, the half-eyed bleary sleepiness of “White Knucked On the Wheel”, the evocative, gorgeous, funereal closer, “Love = War”; built around the richness of the centerpiece song, “Zion." - Sjimon Gompers – IMPOSE

This is lovely music, finely detailed and plush, easy to warm up to, but then the delight of sharp nettles beneath keeps you picking away at it. - Jayson Greene - Wondering Sound

Deeply cathartic...equally weathered and self-assured. - Dusty Henry - Consequence of Sound

Underneath the polished sheen of the track’s production lies a thoroughly original and twisted approach to songwriting that sets Wilder Maker apart. There is pop magic for sure[...]but there are moments of quirkiness that jolt the listener as well: bars with odd time signatures, brief dissonant chord changes, vocal harmonies soaked in dub-reggae inspired echo. Wilder Maker is clearly committed to challenging the increasingly inflexible alt-country idiom." - Aputumpu

Selected Press for Year of Endless Light

A remarkable album, richly conceived and remarkably, wildly played…a river of American sounds…bizarre and original. – Jayson Greene – eMusic Best of 2013 

Wilder Maker’s sprawling second album, Year of Endless Light, concentrates at those drop-everything arresting moments, the type of holy fuck jolts that spur a compulsion to rewind/replay: listen listen listen and maybe if you listen just one more time you’ll finally get your head around some hidden secret. – Nathan Huffstutter, The Fiddleback 

Recommended highly for fans of heavy folk/country/rock like Bonnie Prince Billy, Richard Buckner and Neil Young, this album is just about overwhelming in its scope and breathtaking in its execution. - When You Motor Away 

An incredible breadth of vision that defies musical genres.  - Folk Radio UK

What might sound like a normal folk-influenced rock record to begin with gradually reveals itself to be a multi-layered tour de force, drawing on elements from widespread and disparate genres. - No Ripcord